Nick_BruelNew York Times bestselling author Nick Bruel is coming to the first annual Spokane Youth Book Festival, Saturday, October 10, ready to read from his riotous Bad Kitty series and lead a writing and illustration workshop.

Nick Bruel’s early reader picture book Bad Kitty was published in 2005, and its novel approach to presenting the alphabet made it an instant hit with parents and children alike. Horrified to find an alphabet’s worth of unappetizing food from asparagus to zucchini in the cupboard, the titular kitty goes bad, taking out his unhappiness alphabetically too, from “hurling hairballs,” to being “violent at the vet,” before atoning to his owners by taking on an  alphabetical list of chores as penance. Critics praised the book, too, with the New York Times calling its “gleeful chaos” “hysterically naughty.”


In the past ten years, Bruel has published over a bad kitty meets a babydozen Bad Kitty books,  including the chapter books Bad Kitty for President and Bad Kitty School Daze and the early-reader picture-book series Bad Kitty Does Not Like…

SpoYo is presenting the author as part of a whole day’s worth of free events for children and families at Eastern Washington University’s Spokane Campus. At 11:15, Bruel will read from his books, interact with his young fans, and take questions from the audience (Recommended for ages 3-9). At 1:15 is Bruel’s writing and illustration workshop, where he will demonstrate how to craft illustrations, create characters, and tell a great story (Recommended for ages 8-12).

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