Silent Reading Party No. 2 at Spark Center

Written by GetLit! Staffer Erin Leigh

After its popularity in cities like Seattle, New York, and now Spokane, the silent reading party is coming back to the Spark Center. Ideal for those who always intend to read but can’t find time at home, the event encourages people of all ages to bring in a book or eReader and read together. There is only one main rule: you must remain silent.

Spokane’s Silent Reading Party offers readers the opportunity to escape the rigidity or unpredictability of traditional reading spots like libraries or parks. Readers are encouraged to bring a pillow, settle in, and enjoy a couple hours of silent reading while still connecting with Spokane’s literary community. A classical guitarist will perform live during the reading to further create the ambience.

Spokane’s Silent Reading Party is hosted by INK Art Space and Scablands Lit. The event will take place at the Spark Center (1214 W Summit Pkwy) on Thursday, May 19th from 7:00-9:00pm. The event is free and open to all ages as long as they follow the no-speaking rule.