J.D. McKee

With over 15 years of professional experience in the film industry, J.D. McKee has worked in a variety of positions. Starting from the bottom as a Production Assistant on low budget action flicks and working his way up, J.D. McKee has served as VFX Supervisor on the horror film “John Carpenter’s The Ward” in 2010, and most recently VFX Supervisor for the Syfy Channel hit series Z Nation for which he also Directed multiple episodes. Oh, and he’s also acted in the films “The Choke” and “Wrong Turn at Tahoe” (in which he was shot dead by Cuba Gooding Jr.). J.D. McKee has edited multiple feature films, directed many short films/episodes for television, and is the Co-Founder of MODEfx, a Spokane, WA-based VFX Company. He is currently writing multiple screenplays and developing a slew of feature films and television series.