ink lettersby Alex Baker

In the past few years, the stretch of once gravelly and grassy rubble in West Central Spokane between the court house and the Spokane River has become a thriving neighborhood known for food, wine, and— best of all— creativity. Kendall Yards is embracing art in amazing ways.

INK Art Space is driving this movement through its mission to create a “vibrant arts culture through education, collaboration, and the power of imagination.”

INK is an arts haven, bursting with color and creativity. INK’s programs range from art and writing workshops to Pajama Story Time to West Central Time Travel Agency (yep, participants take a field trip through time and write about it). The ideas INK pursues lead to unique workshops and events that result in art that is born from the inspired minds who attend.

INK’s true heart and beauty lie in its mission of equity. Realizing not everyone has the same access to arts education and technology, INK stretches out a welcoming hand to low-income and at-risk youth by providing them free access to arts education and community projects.

INK Art Space was created by bestselling author Jess Walter, and the staff includes the creative and talented minds of Spokane’s artists, writers, filmmakers, and art enthusiasts. The staff at INK are bold, creative, and passionate about sharing their talents and ideas with INK. INK has also formed partnerships with schools, community-based organizations (Hello, Get Lit!), and local businesses to stretch their reach into the community.

Located in the Spark Center in Kendall Yards at 121 W Summit Parkway, INK can be found online at for volunteer opportunities or event information.

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Pajama Story Time (with author Sharma Shields, front)