Hello everyone and welcome to another Get Lit! blog post written by a nervous intern who is fueled by caffeine and student debt! My name is Ryan Hatten, and I will be your host this evening.

Our topic tonight is Josh MacIvor-Andersen, a writer who once made a living as a professional tree climber (my childhood dream job)! He is a former arborist who has lived the better part of his days in treetops, high above the forest floor. In his recent memoir, On Heights & Hunger, Josh recounts his education in the trees as well as his hunger for transcendence, adventure, and religious understanding. Josh now works as an award-winning non-fiction writer and a university teacher. Along with On Heights & Hunger, Josh has had many essays, reviews, and reports published, some of which have gone on to win awards and two nominations for the Pushcart Prize. He is also the editor of a recently released anthology of arboreal non-fiction, Rooted, and he is currently working on a collection of meditations on the dynamics of arrival. Josh currently lives in Marquette, Michigan with his family where he often works on unschooling his two young children, in other words, they spend a lot of time playing in the woods and lakes.

As an avid outdoorsman and an amateur tree climber myself, I am excited to announce that Josh MacIvor-Andersen will be coming to Spokane and Coeur d’Alene for the 2018 Get Lit! Festival! Josh will be taking part in readings along with other authors at North Idaho College: Cheamkwit Park and Manito Park in the North Pavilion. He will also be leading a non-fiction Craft Class which will focus on environmental writing. You can find more details on his events here!

-Ryan Hatten

P.S. Go climb a tree!!!