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Young Words- Poetry slams attract youth who want to drop a verse

It starts as dribble on a page. Spastic fragments and bubbles of inspiration and thought. Then words. Sentences and stanzas breathe life into ideas and become a medium for a poem. Then there is slam poetry. A beast all its own, it allows poets to express their voices — literally and literarily — by performing their work in the form of a competition, scored by an audience of judges. >>

Walter talks career, Spokane writing scene

From Gonzaga Bulletin– Walter has penned a New York Times best-seller in “Beautiful Ruins,” an Edgar Allen Poe award for best novel in “Citizen Vince” and an acclaimed book of short stories in “We Live In Water.” In an interview with the Bulletin, Walter discusses his writing, the Get Lit! festival and the Spokane literature scene. >>

Book Notes: Get Lit! prepares wide-ranging programs

from The Spokesman-Review, February 16, 2014 Get Lit! 2014 is beginning to take shape. Spokane’s annual literary festival, sponsored by Eastern Washington University, will be at various locations April 7-13. It will, as in past years, include workshops… >>

Spotlight: Oates joins 2013 lineup for Get Lit!

from The Spokesman-Review, January 27, 2013 I think it’s fair to say that Joyce Carol Oates is the headliner of the headliners at this year’s Get Lit! Oates, author of “We Were the Mulvaneys” and dozens of other works, will take the stage at the Bing Crosby Theater on April 12… >>

Tonight: Get Lit! with Alexie and Walter

From the Spokesman Review– Area readers will have a rare opportunity to see Alexie and Walter record an edition of their regular podcast, “A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment,” at 7 tonight in the Lair Auditorium of Spokane Community College. >>

Author finds way to connect whiskey, pie and the written word

From Spokesman-Review– Kate Lebo likes lard and rolling pie dough right on the counter with a liberal sprinkling of flour, preferably King Arthur brand. She doesn’t bother with wax paper.  >>

VIDEO: Scenes from Pie & Whiskey, a Get Lit! favorite

from The Inlander, April 11, 2014 Pie & Whiskey, a popular tradition among the events of the Get Lit! festival, returned to Woman’s Club of Spokane last night with free pie, whiskey and readings from authors participating in the festival. Events continue today and this weekend with readings, panels and discussions between writers… >>

Literature festival celebrates 15-year anniversary

from The Easterner, March 16, 2013 Downing a glass of whiskey, warming the throat with a smooth burn, and eating a homemade pie, sugary and gooey, while listening to authors read aloud their work is one of the events continuing at this year’s Get Lit festival… >>

Creative License Get Lit!: Artists interpret two of the fest's featured authors in Spokane storefronts

From The Inlander– It looks as if someone has just stepped away from this cozy-looking antique wingback chair with pink quatrefoil upholstery. A copy of The Sasquatch Hunter’s Almanac by Sharma Shields rests on the seat cushion, awaiting the return of its reader. On the adjacent side table, a dainty cup of tea is softly spotlit by a reading lamp. >>

Get Gothic!

from The Spokesman-Review, April 5, 2013 Joyce Carol Oates was doing vampires when Stephenie Meyer was in grade school. Characters in Oates’ latest novel, “The Accursed,” include demons and a zombie along with a vampire figure. Published in March… >>

Book Notes: Get Lit! will tip off with HooPalousa

from The Spokesman-Review, March 25, 2012 As we inch closer to the start of Get Lit!, new details emerge. Such as this one: The 14th annual festival will tip off April 9 with a basketball game. Yep, a game of hoops that features players of the writerly type, including Sherman Alexie, Jess Walter and Shann Ray. These writers will team up with local basketball stars and Native legends for the second HooPalousa… >>


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